The Brewing Process

  1. Montana grown and malted Barley is the base for all of our beers.
  2. Barley is measured into the hopper and gently crushed, exposing the inner starches. Specialty malts are added and the mix is piped into the mash tun.
  3. The barley is mixed with hot water, converting the starches to sugars. Hot water is sprayed on top of the mash to rinse the sugars from the grain. The sweet liquid or “wort” is pumped to the kettle.
  4. Hops are added to the wort to impart bitterness, flavor and aroma.
  5. In the heat exchanger, boiling wort and water pass side by side to reduce temperature for fermentation.
  6. In the fermenters, live yeast is added to the wort. The yeast feeds on the sugars of the wort creating CO2 and alcohol – BEER! After fermentation the beer is cooled to 35 degrees. The yeast sinks and is removed.
  7. The beer is filtered to bright tanks for aging, additional carbonation or holding until ready to be kegged or bottled.
  8. The beer is kegged or cannedĀ for distribution

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